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17 Feb 2013

14 Feb 2013

Fur vest


Boyfriend jeans

                                                                    parka: Oviesse
                                                                    swater: H&M
                                                                    jeans: Miss sixty
                                                                    bag: Guess

This may be one of my favourite outfits this winter. It is sporty, but also kind of chic.
Parka, boyfriend jeans, and I'm ready to go!

13 Feb 2013

Mix of outfits II

I leave you with second mix of outfit that I wore in last year.
In next posts some new outfits :)

Mix of outfits I

In this post I want to show you first mix of outfits I've been wearing in last year.
The second mix in the next post.
Do you like them? :)

My very first post

                                  jacket: New Yorker
                                  pants: Zara
                                  sweater: handmade
                                  bag: Aldo
                                  necklace: H&M
                                  booties: Taly Weijl

Finally made up my mind. I'm gonna do it! After so many time spent on researching other blogs, and since I'm a huge fashion lover, I decided to make my own. Don't judge me so hard since this is my first post :)
I still have to figure out  how this thing works! In next few posts I will show you mix of some outfits I've been wearing. Since tomorrow is Valentine's day I'm wearing something red :)
Hope you like it.
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