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13 Feb 2013

My very first post

                                  jacket: New Yorker
                                  pants: Zara
                                  sweater: handmade
                                  bag: Aldo
                                  necklace: H&M
                                  booties: Taly Weijl

Finally made up my mind. I'm gonna do it! After so many time spent on researching other blogs, and since I'm a huge fashion lover, I decided to make my own. Don't judge me so hard since this is my first post :)
I still have to figure out  how this thing works! In next few posts I will show you mix of some outfits I've been wearing. Since tomorrow is Valentine's day I'm wearing something red :)
Hope you like it.


  1. Dragana M.18/2/13 12:18

    Divno sto si se odlucila na ovaj korak,jer si jedna od najbolje stilizovanih djevojaka u nasem gradu! Nadam se da ce se tvoji savjeti poslusati,a outfiti iskoristiti :)

  2. Love your outfit!..Good luck with your blog:D


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